Below you will find our locally recommended itineraries for your visit to Edinburgh and Scotland.

Itinerary: Peace and quiet

Squeezing around the city’s busy tourist hotspots may not be top of your priority list when you make your trip to Edinburgh.  We understand, and we want you to know that there are plenty of places to visit far away from the crowds.  

Itinerary for Adventure Seekers

A trip to Edinburgh doesn’t need to mean visiting Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyrood House.  There are plenty of places, away from the tourist crowds, that will get the adrenaline pumping.  If you are looking to add adventure to your trip to Edinburgh we have got some great ideas and places for you to visit.

Discover Edinburgh and Beyond

With this itinerary, you will be able to take in Edinburgh’s main sights, explore nature and history and experience some more of Scotland beyond Edinburgh, all at a leisurely pace. 

Local Culture and History

Edinburgh is a fascinating city, steeped in history and boasts some breath-taking scenery.  While the tourist hotspots are worth visiting, we wanted to give you an itinerary that is slightly off the beaten track. 

Golf itinerary

Way back in the 15th Century, the game of golf was invented in Scotland and to this day, golfers from across the world flock to the country to play some challenging courses surrounded by some stunning scenery.

Itinerary: Outdoor Families

Edinburgh is an absolutely fantastic place for a family holiday.  If you are wanting a trip to Edinburgh that is full of fun and adventure, away from the crowds, we have some great ideas for you to try out.