Playfair Library and South Hall

David and Mairead had their wedding ceremony in the beautiful Playfair Library and their reception in South Hall. Below is some fantastic feedback and pictures from the Bride and Groom.

"From our first meeting, to the wedding itself, as well as all the meetings and correspondence in between, the Edinburgh First team exceeded every expectation and organised and coordinated the best day of our lives! Prior to signing up with Edinburgh First we had visited many potential wedding venues and events teams. I can confidently say that you stood head and shoulders above everyone else from the word go.

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Our first meeting was in 2015 and we knew straight away Edinburgh First was right for us. Having never organised anything remotely like this before, we were a little apprehensive about how it would all work. The Edinburgh First team put our minds at ease and were so forthcoming and helpful when it came to answering our questions. Every meeting was incredibly helpful, relaxed and actually good fun! Mairead and I really enjoyed viewing the venues and of course, tasting all the food in the run up to our wedding day.

Our wedding day was incredible! From start to finish we had the best time ever. Our managers on the day were Rebecca and Irena and they insured everything went off without a hitch. They were so helpful, lovely and calm which really helped with my pre-wedding jitters!

The staff who served our post ceremony drinks were really friendly, funny and considerate, making sure everyone was happy and even playing with the many kids we had there. This all added to the happiness of the day and from a customer service point of view goes well above and beyond the call of duty.

Our meal was stunning. Each course was gorgeous and tasted fresh and individually prepared which is quite a feat when you have 110 mouths to feed! Many of our guests approached us to tell us how much they loved the food. The same was also true with the bar. The staff there were so nice and again, guests actually commented on how cool and nice they thought the bar team were! The evening manager was also excellent and continued the amazing, helpful and friendly attitude his daytime counterparts had started!

Thank you so much to everyone involved. If there's any kind of commendation, awards, pay rises, bonuses, extra days off etc. I recommend it all to everyone who had anything to do with our special day! Thank you for making the best day of lives even better!"

-Dave and Mairead Gardner

Photos by Karolina Kotkiewicz photography